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Real Racing 3 cheats for Android and IOS

Real Racing 3 mod apk is an exemplary game in the world of auto racing games. It is supported both the Android and iOS platforms. This is the unique game which provides the real-world cars, amusing graphics, and perfect controls. Real Racing 3 is the 3rd edition in its series and EA offers one-time purchase. This exclusive game provides the real-time racing environment and experience on a touchscreen machine. It offers a variety of control options and allows you to use tilting or a steering wheel on the screen. Every car model and texture is mind blowing which will force you to love this game. In addition, a driver assist is also available which will help you in braking, traction, and steering in the screen. But when you will use to it, it allows to turn off the assists and then you can go with your own driving skills. In this tutorial, we will help you to find the real racing 3 cheats android and real racing cheats iOS. This guide will help you to get unlimited gems, resources, and gold from the latest method of hack the real racing 3 2018.

Real Racing 3 cheats for Android:

This is the trusted and tested way to cheat the real racing 3. This will help you to fully upgrade the game and to own all cars. After applied this cheat you can update the game. Most of all this method is also helpful for unrooted devices. Make sure that you extracted the game using ES Explorer. This will remove your current progress so be careful and backup your data before applying the cheat.

For backup, you can go with the following steps.

  1. Open game
  2. Navigate to R3 settings.
  3. Cloud save.
  4. Clear local Save.
  5. Using ES explorer explore this: Android/data/
  6. Find the file dat and rename it to character.dat.bak

To apply the cheat please follow the below instructions.

  1. Open game
  2. Go to R3 settings.
  3. Cloud save.
  4. Clear local save.
  5. Force stop game (please don’t clear data)
  6. Download and install Real Racing 3 v4.3.2 Cheats
  7. Extract the downloaded file to /Android/data/
  8. Restart the game.

That’s it.

real racing 3 cheats for android and ios

Real Racing 3 Hack Tool Online:

Real Racing 3 cheats for iOS:

Now the search for finding the Real Racing 3 cheats iOS is going to end because here we are going to instruct you that how can you get unlimited resources for the real racing 3 game. There are a lot of videos and tutorials which worked for the Android and iOS but not working anymore. But here we provide you the best way to lessen the weight of upgrading your game and vehicles. This is the easiest way to go through the restriction of time. You just need to follow the below steps:

  1. Force stop the game
  2. Go to settings, then time and date settings.
  3. Remove auto-update time and date.
  4. Adjust time settings manually to the date forward.
  5. Restart the game.

This trick will make the game understand that the required time has passed and the check in the game will provide you the upgrade without waiting. After starting the game you can set the time to the real and enjoy your upgrade.

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